We use brand new AMD EPYC™ processors designed to handle heavy workloads.


High-End Storage

Our VPS storage is provided by well-known manufacturers. Choose between SSD and superfast NVMe, with the option to increase capacity.


DDoS Protection

At the network level, our infrastructure is secure. You can be confident that your instances will be resistant to the most common attacks.



IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that are unique to you. If you require more IPs, you can purchase them. using the a support ticket

This is UnManaged VPS Hosting. You must handle server-related issues. If you want us to manage it, check out our Managed VPS Server plans.

Yes, you will be given a root id and password, and you will have complete control over your VPS.

Heyweby VPS do not include a money-back guarantee. If you have hardware problems, we will replace your server for free.

You will have immediate access to the server after placing your order and paying. Due to the large number of orders, it can become difficult at times.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time, but you may experience data loss as a result of a hardware change.
No worries, if data loss occurs, we will notify you before beginning the process, or we will provide a service to transfer data to a new upgrade server.